12” sandblasted and painted red cedar round panel. “Orca”
Oak Bay High School inspires cultural connections with art by Jamin Zuroski. This mural was designed to inspire the students, give them praise and encouragement for their life’s passions and pursuits. We congratulate you for all of your hard work and successes.
Team BC has unveiled the ceremonial uniforms its athletes will sport at the 2019 Canada Winter Games in Red Deer from Feb. 15 to Mar. 3.
In a release Tuesday, Team BC announced the uniforms will include jackets, shirts, toques, mittens and a scarf designed by Victoria-based Indigenous contemporary artist Jamin Zuroski.
Zuroski, who won a province-wide competition to design a logo for Team BC in 2014 and designed custom art for the 2017 Canada Games in Winnipeg, has also put his design skills toward a totem puzzle pin for athletes, coaches and support staff.


To show co-operation and unity, the 2017 Indigenous Games and 2017 Canada Summer Games teams chose to come together in spirit as Team BC Unite in the lead-up to and during their respective Games. A Team BC Unite design, created by Jamin Zuroski of the Namgis First Nation, was created as a visual representation of the athletes’ unity.

To learn more about the BC Games Society, visit: https://www.bcgames.org/

To learn more about the Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (ISPARC), visit: https://isparc.ca

Jamin was the Team BC Logo Design Competition Winner
“The Soaring Raven represents the strength and determination of the Team BC athletes, coaches and all nations within British Columbia. The Sun provides connection to our ancestors and is the basis of all light and nourishment on this earth. The Raven flying, swooping and soaring parallels the plight of the athlete. With great confidence they show that new heights are possible by transforming and adapting to the surroundings of the unknown.”
ISPARC promotes Aboriginal Healthy Living Activities with new icons titled: Healthy Eating, Respecting Tobacco, Physical Activity and Healthy Pregnancies.
Sandblast Glass – Orca – Available at Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria, BC – 25″ x 20″
12” sandblasted and varnished red cedar round panel. “Dzunukwa”
Clothing now available at:
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24″ x 30″ Painted Canvas
12” sandblasted and painted red cedar round panel.
BCAAFC – Sandblasted glass – Salmon
Painted skateboard – Butterfly and mother with child
Cordova Bay Elementary School inspires cultural connections with Indigenous designed decals by Jamin Zuroski, in the library and hallway. 
12” sandblasted and painted red cedar round panel. “Dzunukwa”
8′ x 8′ Chalk art – Victoria Inner Harbour
18” sandblasted and painted red cedar round panel. APPF.
12″ x 48″ Sandblasted Glass with carved cedar base – “Giving Thanks”
Graphic design for VNFC FASD program.
Port Alberni FC Daycare – Metal Totems and Moon – Art Legacy Project – BCAAFC 2019 GOV. 
Port Alberni FC Daycare – Sandblasted and Painted Cedar Sign – Art Legacy Project – BCAAFC 2019 GOV.  Jamin hosted three workshops where youth delegates and volunteers assisted with the painting of the sign.
BCAAFC – Sandblasted glass – Raven
2019 – ISPARC & FNHA – Designed and Painted – Cedar – Smoke Eater
Sandblasted cedar panel – 28″ x 36″
This “Orca Pod” is 1 of 4 glass installations in the Port Alberni Friendship Centre Daycare.
BCAAFC – Mural with cedar geese
Jamin’s “Self Sustainability” Eagle and Salmon, painted canvas was highlighted in the 2017/18 Artslandia Magazine.
24″ x 36″ Sandblasted cedar panel – Orca
Jamin was selected to be a part of the Victoria Community Mural Project. There, he worked with two youth to create this three panel project, titled “Past, Present and Future”.
Mural painted in the Elders Room of the Victoria Native Friendship Centre
This Spirit of Alliances logo was commissioned by ANED of School District 61. It’s the cover logo on the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement. Jamin also painted this design on large cedar panels that are displayed in foyers of 6 local schools. This logo acknowledges all Aboriginal Nations across the country working together side by side, as equals, to build on cultural revitalization and preservation. Each color and shape within this design symbolizes history, wisdom, pride, prosperity, determination and optimism.
1 of 4 Mural Paintings in the PAFC Daycare
Peace Hills Trust Art Contest Winner 2014 – “Moving Forward”
Digital Graphics for Victoria International Chalk Art Festival Branding 2016
Co-painted 20′ x 20′ art piece in the Victoria Bay Centre, during the Victoria International Art Festival.
Flowers made with Abalone, Silver and Amythest  
12″ x 12″multi medium canvas with wood and copper – Salmon – Donation to local fundraiser
Noah and Jamin refurbishing 1 of the 3, Victoria Community Mural Project Panels.
Sandblasted red cedar panel.


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