Jamin Zuroski is an Award Winning Namgis First Nations Artist, residing in Victoria, BC.

He continues to learn and grow from and with his culture and surroundings.

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Jamin's currently designing Wood, Glass, Metal, Canvas, Computer Graphics, Decals Clothing, Masks and Illuminations.

Jamin gives a huge thank you to all of his mentors.

Jamin is proud to design logos and branding for ISPARC (Team BC) and the BC Games Society.

His designs have been worn by Team BC participants at the 2017 Canada Summer Games, 2017 North American Indigenous Games and the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

Jamin designed this piece for Royal Bay Secondary School's Gender Neutral Washroom.
"Surrounded by various energies and species of the water, land and sky, we're reminded that we're all connected with beauty, diversity and purpose."

Jamin is humbled to design and incorporate art and culture in Victoria based schools such as this one, in Oak Bay High School.

These sandblasted glass pieces provide culture in both a timeless and elegant way. Allowing nature inside, transforming spaces to become more inviting and celebratory.

Jamin is now bringing culture to your ceiling light fixtures, titled Indigenous Illuminations.

You can now appreciate those florescent lights in a whole new way! Check out the scroll below for a quick sample of Jamin's illuminations.

Through contemporary design, Jamin creates his works to express both his culture and his personal journey. This colourful canvas painting seen above is titled "Moving Forward".

Checkout the scroll below for a few other designs that Jamin's created.

Welcoming first impressions is huge, for all ages!

This metal installation that Jamin made for the Port Alberni Friendship Centre Day Care seen above, was designed to provide safety, welcoming, good health, culture and unity both within the building and community as a whole.




Jamin Zuroski is a Namgis First Nations Artist, residing in Victoria, BC. Jamin holds mixed ancestry from Ukrainian and Polish on his father’s side and Namgis First Nation on his mother’s side. Jamin is one of three siblings from his mother, Cindy Cook and is a grandchild to Ruth and George Cook. The Gigalgam Cook family comes from Alert Bay, which is located on Cormorant Island. Alert Bay sits on the regional lands of the Kwakwaka’wakw, the Kwak’wala speaking peoples.

Since 1985, Jamin has lived in Victoria, BC, on the lands of the Coast Salish Peoples. When available, Jamin continues to visit Alert Bay to attend cultural ceremonies and events. He was first introduced to learn and practice a variety of West Coast Indigenous design styles in grade seven at James Bay Elementary School. During this time of artistic learning, he instantly became spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally connected to the stories and legends of West Coast Indigenous Peoples.

As Jamin navigated and practiced art throughout junior high and high school, he was honoured numerous art awards. During his teenage years, he was offered after hours opportunities to continue his practice and artistic learning under the mentorship and guidance of Victor Newman, Carey Newman and Rande Cook.

For the past 26 years, Jamin has practiced and worked with a variety of artists, community members, organizations, businesses, schools, Friendship Centres and government on a variety of cultural projects and initiatives. Some of the current mediums he works with are cedar wood carving, cedar and glass sandblasting, mural painting, canvas painting, chalk and computer graphics.