Indigenous Illuminations, a new and revolutionary art medium for the ceiling of your home, school and or office. 

These illuminated designs are to remind us to look up, reconcile, dedicate and appreciate.

When we look up, let’s reconcile with ourselves, friends, family and community.

When we look up, let’s dedicate ourselves to forgive, love and hope for greatness in all.

When we look up, let’s appreciate the foundation that our ancestors paved for us.

Through trust and partnership, may we journey together, open our hearts and allow honour and respect to guide our missions and mandates.

Let us look up and look forward to illuminate strength, unity, inspiration, peace and happiness.

Feathers That Guide Us
Thunderbird’s Journey
Salmon’s Passage
Butterflies Dancing
Frog’s Song
Hummingbird’s Nectar
Raven’s Protection
Sage celebrating Indigenous Illuminations
Tiffany celebrating Indigenous Illuminations

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